strucTEM: your reference for scientific photography and microscopic structural analysis

You'd like to know the appearance of your sample within the micro- and nano-world? Get some insight with respect to structural characteristics within these small dimensions? Acquire high quality, scientific photographic pictures of your samples? Then strucTEM is the right contact.

Our great motivation: make the unseen visible for you. For your benefit.

Our portfolio

  • Scientific photography
  • Size and shape analysis within micro- and nano-dimensions
  • Component- and contaminant analysis
  • 3D Characterization of single macromolecules and proteins

strucTEM Service

Top Consulting - you will always get the optimum
Prior to analysis you will get a free consultation: We will discuss your goals and the ideal approach.

Fast and reliable - new insights without long waiting times
Once we receive your sample , we will start microscoping!

In-depth analysis - to help you understanding the obtained micro-pictures
We don't provide just images but also the corresponding, important interpretations: Even pictures can be misleading !